A selection of publications about contemporary art from Asia

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Art and Market

Asia Art Archive

Cahier de Séoul

Fresh Art From China

Photography of China

The Artling


ASIA NOW : China VPN, a glimpse into Chinese subculture, 2019

ASIA NOW : KIRTI: Expanding the frame of Southeast Asian Art, 2019

ASIA NOW : Independent publishing from Asia, 2019

ASIA NOW : The State of the Asian art market today, 2019

ASIA NOW : Revealing the Stars, 2019

ASIA NOW : Around Chinese animated film, 2018

ASIA NOW : Takashi Murakami’s Superflat Collection, 2018

ASIA NOW : Dansaekhwa, c’est quoi?, 2017

ASIA NOW : New generation of Korean new media artists, 2017

ASIA NOW : Photography now, 2017

ASIA NOW : The role of private collectors and collections in the museum of the future, 2017

ASIA NOW : Alors la Chine?, 2016

ASIA NOW : China’s new generation artists in international art scene, 2016

ASIA NOW : South East Asia now, 2016

FIELD MEETING: Thinking Practice : Conversation with Xyza Cruz Bacani, Chia-En Jao and Xiaoyu Weng, 2016

FIELD MEETING: Thinking Practice : How do you talk about Asia?, 2016


Indian Art in the 21st Century : Conceptual Art, Installations, and Video Art (part I), 2004

Indian Art in the 21st Century : Conceptual Art, Installations, and Video Art (part II), 2004

Traditional or Contemporary ? Ink Painting in 21st Century China (part I), 2004

Traditional or Contemporary ? Ink Painting in 21st Century China (part II), 2004

University of Oxford : After Cool Japan: Contemporary Art in the Post-Bubble, Post-Disaster Society, 2012

The Power Institute : Curating Chinese Contemporary Art in an Australian Context, 2016

The Artsy Podcast n°7 : Why do we label artists?, 2016

The Artsy Podcast n°16 : Can Ai Weiwei’s art change the world?, 2016

The Artsy Podcast n°52 (I) : How globalization changed China and its art, 2017

The Artsy Podcast n°52 (II) : « Art and China after 1989 » at Guggenheim Museum controversy, 2017

The Artsy Podcast : Art Basel Hong Kong, 2017

The Artsy Podcast : On the ground in Beijing and China, 2017

The Bangkok Podcast : Exploring Bangkok’s MOCA, 2017

The Bangkok Podcast : A Look at Bangkok’s Contemporary Art Community, 2018

Art and Market : Wang Zineng on Auctions, 2019

Art and Market : Patrick Flores on Biennales, 2019

Art and Market : Tom Tandis on Art Fairs, 2020

Art and Market : Emi Eu on STPI and S.E.A. Focus, 2020

Art and Market : Zaki Jumahri on Art Law, 2020


Forbes x Alexandra Fain, Director of Asia Now Paris, 2017

Fresh Art From China x Lu Yang, Artist, 2017

Fresh Art From China x Zhao Xiaomeng, Artist, 2017

Shorcut by Photography of China

The Artling x Bo Young Song, Director of Kukje gallery, 2017

The Artling x Boon Hui Tan, Director of Asia Society Museum, 2016

The Artling x Enin Supriyanto, Curator, 2017

The Artling x Jehan Chu, Art advisor, 2016

The Artling x Jonathan Crockett, Head of Contemporary Art at Phillips Asia, 2016

The Artling x Lin Han, Founder of M Woods, 2017

The Artling x Pearl Lam, Founder of Pearl Lam Galleries, 2016

The Artling x Wiyu Wahono, Collector, 2016

The Artling x Yan Yan, Vice Director of Today Art Museum, 2017

The Artling x Yuri Yureeka Yasuda, Collector, 2017